Synthesis of alum lab answers

Synthesis of a hydrate: the purpose of this experiment is to become familiar with the formation of hydrates and using sequential reactions analysis of a hydrate: the purpose of this experiment is to verify that the compound formed in the previous experiment is alum. Transcript of synthesis of alum how little jimmy synthesized alum purpose data procedure analysis lab part a: determine the theoretical yield of alum: 17742g a synthesis reaction is where two or more reactants are combined to form a new complex product. The synthesis of alum from scrap aluminum overview of the synthesis the synthesis of alum, kal(so 4) 2⋅12h 2o, can be accomplished through the following reactions aluminum is first oxidized by potassium hydroxide to form a soluble salt in the chemical. Lab report on synthesis of alum using aluminum 1 purpose: in this experiment, you will be converting the aluminum metal from a beverage can into the chemical compound potassium aluminum sulfate, kal(so4)2•12 h2o, commonly referred to as alum. Preparation of an alum pages 75 – 84 pre-lab = pages 81 to 82, all questions in synthesis reactions, crystallization is often used to purify a product • i made some alum in the lab, i added potassium hydroxide, i stirred it, filtered it and got 100 g out.

Recently i completed a lab where i produced alum kal(so4)2 2h2o from aluminum pop can i did a qualitative test for k+ in my alum product to confirm that there were k+ in my alum by doing a flame test. The synthesis of alum lab michaela tonsager and kaili johnson purpose to perform different tests to determine if the substance is actually alum first, we synthesized a sample of alum. Computer 15a advanced chemistry with vernier 15a - 1 the synthesis of alum the term alum is a general family name for a crystalline substance composed of cations with 1+ and 3+ charges in this experiment, you will synthesize a type of alum called potassium.

Ap chemistry synthesis of alum (kal(so 4)212h 2o) in this experiment the ionic compound potassium aluminum sulfate, (kal(so 4)212h 2o), will be prepared from a water solution that contains k +, al 3+, and so 4 2-the formula indicates that alum is a hydrated crystal because it contains water. The purpose of this lab is to synthesize a specific type of alum from aluminum foil and various chemicals through a series of chemical reactions materials/safety. This is a video i made during my last lab might get used in a lab report, not sure the editing in this video is very basic i just switched from sony movie studio platinum 13 to cyberlink. Synthesis and analysis of potassium aluminium sulphate (alum) from waste aluminium can international journal of advanced research in chemical science (ijarcs) page 3. Best answer: 1) depending on what your lab manual says, it could be different however, if we assume that solid aluminum metal is your limiting reactant, for the purposes of your lab report it will not be any different from the percent yield.

Lab #4 synthesis of alum purpose-synthesize a type of alum called potassium aluminum sulfate dodecahydrate-observe and record the process of synthesizing, and calculate the percent yield of the synthesis procedure 1. Synthesis of alum a weigh approximately 05 g of aluminum foil to the nearest 0001 g and record the value b place the aluminum in a 250 ml beaker and add 50 ml (record the volume to the nearest 01 ml) of 14 m dry until the next lab period during the next lab period, weigh the alum to the nearest 0001 g calculations in this. Preparation and analysis of alum 1 authors: d l mccurdy, v m pultz and j m mccormick last update: august 21, 2014 introduction one of chemistry’s goals is to be able to transform any set of substances (the reactants) to another set of substances (the products) through a chemical reaction.

Synthesis of alum: kal(so4)2•12 h2o hazard warning: the sodium hydroxide used in this experiment is highly corrosive if you get it on your skin, wash immediately if your skin feels slippery, that is a sign that you have gotten the sodium hydroxide on you introduction. I think this answer violates the community guidelines chat or rant, adult content, chem lab: synthesis of alum question ap chemistry lab help: synthesis of alum more questions in the synthesis of alum lab why should you not expect a 100% yield of crystals in lab we are doing synthesis of alum is there a way to. Synthesis of an alum (7 answers) an alum is a double salt consisting of monovalent cation, a trivalent cation, and two sulfate ions with twelve waters of hydration (waters of crystallization) as part of the crystalline structure.

Synthesis of alum from aluminum question best answer: how much (mass) aluminum is being used to synthesize the alum based on the amount of aluminum being used and assuming an excess of all other reactants what is the theoretical yield of alum chem lab: synthesis of alum question answer questions chemistry homework help. The analysis of alum after a compound has been synthesized, tests should be carried out to verify that the compound lab burner tongs or forceps part iii, percent sulfate test materials is your sample alum use the results of the three tests to support your answer discuss the accuracy of your tests and possible sources of experimental. The synthesis of alum experiment 15a from advanced chemistry with vernier lab book included in the lab book vernier lab books include word-processing files of the student instructions, essential teacher information, suggested answers, sample data and graphs, and more buy the book. Synthesis of alum 1 prepare the aluminum sample cut approximately 05 g aluminum foil into small pieces tare a 100-ml beaker and mass the aluminum pieces, record 2 dissolve the aluminum pieces this step must be done in a fume hood if a fume hood is not available.

Aluminum metal from beverage cans can be used to synthesize alum, which is used as a food additive and in water purification the experimental procedure specifies that small pieces of aluminum be used in the synthesis. Analysis of alum kal(so4)212h2o after a compound has been synthesized, tests should be carried out to verify the compound formed is indeed the compound desired there are a number of various tests that can be performed to verify that the compound is the one desired. Best answer: alum is aluminum sulfate aluminum reacts with sulfuric acid to produce alum while the reaction is faster with smaller pieces of aluminum (more surface area to react act), the yield will not be affected as long as there is sufficient sulfuric acid to complete the reaction (even then, the shape and size of the aluminum would not have an appreciable effect. Synthesis of alum from aluminum | 55 12 evaporate the solution to a volume of about 60 ml using a hot plate if any solid remains, filter the mixture by water suction and save the clear filtrate for the next step.

synthesis of alum lab answers In this lab you will explore the process of recycling aluminum you will break down an aluminum can to the component element aluminum, then extract that element as an aluminum salt (alum) you will purify the salt with recrystalization from ethanol and water.
Synthesis of alum lab answers
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